Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I posted on social media yesterday that Climbing Hold Review is closing up shop... I didn't post here as I wanted to stop and gather my thoughts a little more.

FIRSTLY: We're not stopping because we want to, we're stopping because I have Osteoarthritis in his fingers from 30 years of climbing and because the outcome of that is unclear at this present time

WHAT IS CLEAR: Is that I can still climb, just not at the frequency that is required for reviews... sure I could sit behind a desk and talk about holds but I feel that would be cheating and that's not how I / we roll.

SO I'VE: Made the tough decision to shut down after 10 years... it's not a fun decision on my part as I feel that I'm loosing a big part of me and what I do... at least I can still climb :)

OVER THE YEARS: We've made lots of friends (and enemies), we've spent too much money, made non but had a total blast climbing on lots of holds from lots of different brands

WE WANT: To thank all of the readers and watchers and especially that companies that believed that we were a viable option for advertising their holds, and we're super proud that we shaped the climbing hold industry in a few different ways

IT'S A SAD: sad day... And I don't like to be writing this, I really don't but I'm in the process of x-rays and MRI's to see if anything can actually be done to correct the problem that has gotten worse in the last six months


The keen eyed will have noticed that the Climbing Hold Review youtube channel has suddenly changed names! It has, although holds aren't going to be a priority climbing shoes / harness' / camping gear and all the things we love about the great outdoors are now going to be open fodder for our particular blend of sarcasm and review love... Yes we're starting a new adventure in the next months where (like we've already done with some shoes and belay devices) we're branching out into the wider World of everything outdoors

So you don't get rid of me that easily. This page will remain active... BUT IT WON'T BE UPDATED... so go and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel... because I know all of you love our particular blend of no BS reviews

It's been a fun road, I've loved doing what we did but now we move onto something else... something more climbing in general and the outdoors related

Climb Happy, Climb Safe! Thanks for being along for the ride

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